Baby Bunnies

My 4 year old (she just had a birthday, btw!) found something very special nestled under some leaves and cottonwood tree fluff. Right out in the open where they could accidentally get stomped was a nest of 12 baby bunnies! One escaped the hatch as we clicked away.

Sad update…my 10 year old went to check on them and a HUGE black snake caught her by surprise…feet away. She ran for her daddy, which is what all able-bodied females should do when confronted by such a threat to wee small furry friends…and Daddy shot snake dead. But there were only eight bunnies left in the hole. No, we didn’t perform an autopsy to see if he’d done the dastardly, but that would have been a neat science lesson.

This second picture shows the little escapee on the far left, straight across to the right is their hidey-hole. Can you believe it’s there? Good camo, mom rabbit, but what happened to burrows way down deep? Is that just stuff for storybooks?

Moral of the story? You never know what surprises God has for you in the underfoot muck of life. Look for miracles in the ordinary and you might actually find some. And watch out for snakes. They seem to appear after every miracle. To make you doubt His goodness?


4 thoughts on “Baby Bunnies”

  1. I’m pretty sure you are a little confused about who is the victim in this story. Bunnies are rodents. Rodents carry disease, fleas, and, lice. Bunnies are basically rats with long ears instead of long tails. A black snake is perfectly harmless. They hardly ever bother humans and are great at getting rid of rodents.

  2. Andrea, you sound like my hubby! Tonight he found a black snake wrapping a death squeeze around one of the bunnies…he rescued the bunny and used a pitchfork to carry the black snake to a different location…so that it could carry on in keeping our place “rat and mice free”. Yes, you are absolutely right, and I’m pretty disgusted with our rabbit population (we have TONS) b/c they are eating my petunias! I had so many pretty colors out there and now they are reduced to green leaves. Hubby thinks it’s funny, b/c I always thought it was our goats eating my flowers. This year we don’t have goats. So it’s got to be the bunnies. Rrrrr!

    They are cute, Amy! Our girls are smitten!

    I’m not fond of snakes either, Leticia…you can have ALL our bunnies, btw, we’d be glad for them to go to a good snake-free home! ;O)

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