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Last night I put the last coat of polyurethane on my dresser project. First time I’ve ever tackled a refinishing project like this, and I’m so impressed! Now to find […]

Last night I put the last coat of polyurethane on my dresser project. First time I’ve ever tackled a refinishing project like this, and I’m so impressed! Now to find the perfect handles!

I’m so excited to have this dresser done. Wish I had a before pic for you, just imagine it painted a black paint/stain with gaudy gold-plated handles. As I worked on this baby, I fell in love. Each scrape of the putty knife sliding old paint away revealing wavy grains–each rubbing with steel wool and fine sandpaper heightened my anticipation to get the job done! I mused about where I’d place this antique that my husband’s grandfather built in his young adulthood.

I love antique dressers more than anything else furniture-wise. Especially the ones up on pedestal legs. I can’t bear to waste them on clothing storage! This dresser’s former glory was as winter gear storage on our back porch, right next to the kitchen entryway. One drawer for gloves, another for hats, yet another for coveralls, etc. That was fine then, but…

It’s got too much of *me* in it now to subject it to my family’s daily abuses! (Sorry, fam!) When the light bulb moment came I about spilled my can of stain/varnish. MY KITCHEN! Perfect place to put the microwave–at head height, no more bending over punching in times and start buttons.

Other pluses–Plenty of huge drawers to hold my generic brand George Foreman grill, and my Pampered Chef mini-4-in-one-loaf pan–both items have been hogging space on an end counter b/c they’re too large for my other kitchen drawers (or maybe it’s because my other kitchen drawers are already fully occupied!). So now they’ll be out of sight! I plan on using one of the smaller top drawers for my great-aunt’s silver, tablecloths, placemats and cloth napkins. Which will in turn give me more space in the hallway linen closet for the girls’ puzzles! I have a zillion cookbooks, they’ll go spine-side up in one of the drawers so I can grab the ones I want easily and not forfeit any more counterspace to all my favorites!

So tell me, do you like my “kitchen dresser” or do you think I’m crazy for putting a microwave atop something so stately!?

What pieces of furniture are your favorite and why? Got any stray dressers you could put to practical use while showpiecing them, or maybe you do already?

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Hee…I see your point, I really do! But I already have an antique dresser in the living room that has pretties on it. If I had a dining room, it would be a beautiful sideboard, with a vase on it, for sure! 😉 Thanks for weighing in, Amy!

I have my microwave on a beautiful old sewing table table that my grandfather restored for my mom. She was a Little hesitant to give it up, but saw our need. I assured her I would not get rid of it. I got some clear glass cutting boards to put underneath it to protect the table top and antique table cloth.

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Ooh, now that’s a good idea on the glass for a protective topper, I’ve been wondering what to do…and kind of ended up figuring, well, I know how to “fix” it at least, not that I’ll want to go to that much work again!

Antique sewing machine tables are another beautiful home accessory. I bet it’s beautiful in your kitchen! Bless your mom for giving it to you…

I got rid of my microwave 2 years ago and haven’t missed it much at all. Now I own a little more counter space. Your project turned out beautiful.

See, Cena has the perfect solution…throw out the microwave! I’ve been tempted. A friend told me that most microwaves are supposed to be inspected every year b/c they are notorious for radiation leaks or something, and yet none of us have our appliances checked. I am so reliant on mine for thawing frozen meats at the last minute, though I’m getting better. As far as reheating goes, I much prefer using the real oven (less rubbery!) and I’ve never used ours for cooking. Mind sharing why you got rid of yours? I’m seriously interested, seeing as you probably know more about the risks than I do.


Well, some hazards were mentioned that I don’t recall (my recall is getting bad) in a book I don’t remember (seriously.) Anyway, one of the things it said to do (this I remember!) was to microwave water, let cool and use it to water a couple of bean seeds. In another cup I watered from my tap some of the same seeds. In another cup I watered with tap water that had been boiled in my tea kettle and cooled. Anyway the guy was right that the microwaved water bean seeds never sprouted, and the other ones did. Now, a friend did the experiment and all her beans sprouted! But since I wanted to get rid of my microwave anyway, I did it.

I also have a good fireman friend who in his studies realized the microwaves or radiation are pretty hazardous and he urged his family to let the microwave door remain closed for a full minute after microwaving the food for everything to settle inside there…hmmm. And a scientist friend who works with microwave experimentation won’t have one in his home, or eat where one is used (to his knowledge.) None of these are real information for you, sorry. I think my main reason was to have more counter space. With the 12 of us in a small kitchen, it’s crazy.

I miss it sometimes in the winter to soften butter slightly for making cookies, but really it took about a week to not reach for it anymore.

Your idea is could certainly be classified as an eclectic approach to interior decorating; but I think the functionality justifies it. It seems you are using your space wisely and giving yourself access to important items. Kudos on your bold fashion and utility!

I think it is awsome! I am wanting to re-do two coffee tables. I’ve never done such a thing, so hopefully mine will turn out as well as yours did! I love that you put it in the Kitchen. I like people who think outside the box.

Cena, I found your thoughts on microwaves interesting, I’m so glad you shared them…my hubby and I discussed it too…he was thinking that microwaves USED to be dangerous, but that they’d been “fixed” by now. You’ve given us both serious food for thought! Even though I rarely use ours, and think I’d get used to doing without it, I’m so spoiled at having it to thaw things last minute…and like you said…to soften butter or cream cheese, etc. I’ll remember the tip on leaving the door shut a full minute! Thanks for answering my Q’s on this!

Hi Crystal! I love being called eclectic, thank you for your thoughtful comments! I’m really enjoying this piece in the room I spend so much time and effort. I’m using one of the top smaller drawers for a bread box, as I’ve never had a real bread box and it’s perfect for two loaves and a couple bags of buns. Much better than on the end of my countertop! Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment!

Thanks, Juli! Coffee tables would be the perfect project! If you have a True Value hardware store nearby, look for Dad’s Best Paint Stripper. It’s a spray on, and it works EXCELLENTLY! Assuming you need to strip paint or varnish, anyway!

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