10 Favorite things that start with E

Jen, a bloggy friend from New Zealand, tagged me a while back for this fun meme…let me know if you want to play and I’ll assign you an alphabet letter for […]

Jen, a bloggy friend from New Zealand, tagged me a while back for this fun meme…let me know if you want to play and I’ll assign you an alphabet letter for your favorite things…Jen gave me the letter “E”…

So here goes:

Eggs!!! We have had eggs steadily throughout winter, on average around 17 a day. And we’ve been blessed to be able to sell all the ones we don’t use ourselves…lovely brown and green cackleberries (as Farmer John calls them…)

Electricity~ One of my favorite modern conveniences!

Enthusiasm~ a most important quality of both teachers and students!

Enamelware~ the only thing I collect, and I have very few pieces. It just transports me to a simpler time and place. I love it!

Edelweiss~ My favorite lullaby as a baby–all my siblings sang it to me as they one by one sneaked into the nursery and rocked me to sleep, unbeknownst to my mother…and she wondered why I was spoiled? It’s also a plant growing high in the Alps, with white leaves and flowers…

Eight year olds~ I’m blessed to be a mommy to one very special 8 year old!

Educating~ I can’t imagine a more rewarding job than that of educating one’s own children. Educating one’s self is almost as rewarding. You’re never too old to learn, and the subjects abound! That’s a blessing!

Echinacea~ The first herb that I had major success with in preventing many illnesses in my family. I can’t wait to learn to identify it in the wild and make my own remedies with what I’ve harvested!

Elm, Slippery Elm, that is… What a great herb! From abcesses to diarrhea or other digestive tract problems to poison oak/ivy and to ulcers–this herb is relatively new to me, yet we’ve already used it with quick results on common colds and bronchitis!

Each one of you… *smile* This place would be hum-drum without you. I’m so glad you keep stopping by!

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James brought me back some seed packets from Austria I still have them and haven’t planted them because we haven’t found a place to “settle down.” I should let you plant them. You can give me some seeds when we find a place to call home.

Oh Andrea, those sound too special! I’d hate to be the one to jinx them…my green thumb is still developing! 😉 What a special gift though! I’ve never seen them in real life.

Thanks, Mom! Your alphabet letter is “B”…have fun!

Well…I took about three weeks probably to finally get mine up! I’m sure you’ll be faster than that! In your own timing! 😉

Btw, I picked up some good library books for you yesterday while I was in town…I think you’ll like them! See you tomorrow!

Mary, this is so funny because on Friday nights all summer we sat down to dinner, then my husband would say words like “Molly”, “more”, “magnificent!” Then the family knew the letter for the evening was “m.” All we did was blurt out words that began with the letter. It was amazing what we’d come up with. The 3 and 5 year old got in on it too. Someone would come in late for dinner (a teenager of course) and start right in. If a word was repeated, everyone would yell that it had been said. Silly, but fun. I have absolutely no idea how it began. We would also have some normal conversation, but always getting back to the letter of the evening. Some of my brighter kids would make entire sentences with words starting with the letter. We would clean up from dinner, do dishes, watch a movie or play games, and occasionally someone would blurt out a word we hadn’t thought of.

Cena, I loved this comment of yours when I first got it in my email notifications! Been too busy to catch up at the site but I’m definitely going to try this with my family soon! What a FUN alliterative activity, I know we’ll enjoy it! Thanks for sharing it! Hope all is going well for you? Are you gearing up for garden season?

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