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Homemaking: Teaching our Daughters

Came across a great post today that really affirms all we do as mothers, and equally important, how important it is that we teach our daughters all they need to know to equip them to run their own homes some day. I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s at the Girl Talk blog, and titled, Homemaking IGirl Sewing in an Interiornternship.

Even if your daughters are preschool aged, it’s never too early to start. At 3, 4 and 5, they’re still full of enthusiasm when it comes to helping around the house. For instance…my four year old responds eagerly when I call, “Oh Laundry Girl…where oh where is my Laundry Girl?” *smile* She can transfer wet clothes into the dryer, adjust the dials, toss a dryer sheet in and get the load going with no help from mom.  She’s pretty happy about it too.

However, I know there are MANY areas of improvement in our home when it comes to my passing along the baton of homemaking. So this post was a blessing and a great reminder to me that my time is short with my girls…and homemaking is definitely part of a well-rounded education, if you consider how crucial it can be not only for our living environments but also to maintaining healthy marriages, children and bank accounts!

What homemaking skills do you think are important, that maybe you feel you wish you’d known more about when you got married?

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Such an important lesson to be taught. Your grandmother, my mom, didn’t really know about what to do either and as a result I just got along in that way. She’d always laugh and say “my chore as a kid was to wash the dishes”.

Your mom’s and my other sister is cut from a different cloth. Simply driven about housekeeping, etc. and apparently nearly drove mom crazy always changing around her cupboards making things more to her liking.

As a farmers wife and six kids within an 8 yr time frame and a busy homesteading husband needing her attention in particular didn’t give her a great deal of time for these things and I understand too, that if I put something in a certain spot it’s better be there when I need it because otherwise I’m in a world of hurt.

I love hearing about your ‘four-year’ old, maybe she’ll be like her great Aunt neatnick.

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