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It’s not too late to decide to homeschool…

I saw this in the Miami Herald, and had to post a link. It makes a mommy want to cry… We’re starting classes Monday–beginning our 8th official year of homeschooling. […]

I saw this in the Miami Herald, and had to post a link. It makes a mommy want to cry…

We’re starting classes Monday–beginning our 8th official year of homeschooling. I’m working on our kick-off, the annual treasure hunt clues that will lead my girls to their new curriculum and literature books for 2010-11. How thankful I am, for these ‘thousands of hours’ with my sweet kids! I shudder to think of all we might have lost if not for homeschooling!

For instance, homeschooling is the perfect healing ground for family relationships. It’s a *must-adapt-and-get-along* atmosphere. If you were to pull your children out of public school today, would all the cats hit the fan? If so, it reveals the sad state of the relationships and habits  in and of the family.  Siblings can get along and even more, be best friends.  Children can love and respect their parents and genuinely seek to further God’s glory along with the family unit.  I might even go a step further and say that the Biblical model for educating our families looks a lot like homeschooling!

Maybe homeschooling is an option for you?

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I can’t wait to homeschool! But, I will not be doing it with the support of my family- so that will be difficult. My mother and sister-in-law think that homeschooled kids turn out to be socially stunted and less intelligent. I know it isn’t true.

Hi Mary! It’s been so long since I’ve visited your site & I have missed all the interesting posts you always have! I’m trying to get back into the routine of blogging. Anyway, this article did bring tears to my eyes & made me so thankful for having a husband that wants me to stay home and teach our children. I totally agree that homeschooling is the biblical model, though sometimes it just isn’t possible for all families. Lydia started “school” this year & she goes to a co-op once a week. Her cousins started at a church preschool this year, as well. Recently Lydia asked me why her aunt didn’t “do school” with her cousins like I do with her….then she said she’s so glad she doesn’t have to go away to go to school.

Hi Mary,

Not sure how, but I just stumbled onto your site. It is wonderful. I love the encouragement, and need it. 🙂 I am embarking on unchartered territory for us this year, we are getting ready to homeschool! I am so excited about it!

My son has been in preschool since he was two, and is just finishing up K5 at a small Christian school (at our church). I have felt God working on me for about two years regarding homeschooling, and I feel that He is telling me it is time. I am really looking forward to and have really enjoyed reading the posts on your site tonight. I will visit again!

Thank you for what you do. 🙂

Hi Heather! Bless your heart and your near adventure into the homeschooling lifestyle! I have been in your shoes, in many cases including the decision to homeschool or not to homeschool…and always once the decision is made, I wonder why it took me so long to “get it”! Thankfully God knows when we’re ready, better than we do.

Please do visit again, and is there anything in particular you’d like information on regarding homeschooling?

Thank you for taking time to encourage me here!


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