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Essential Oils in the Home

Essential oils are a homemaker’s best friend! And cleaning is always more enjoyable when your cleaning products smell good! Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to my mop water makes […]

Essential oils are a homemaker’s best friend! And cleaning is always more enjoyable when your cleaning products smell good! Adding a few drops of lemon essential oil to my mop water makes scrubbing the kitchen floor almost as big a treat as enjoying that clean floor for as long as it lasts in our busy household. *wink* 

And don’t forget to breathe deeply!  Aromatherapy while you work!

So where are some places you can use essential oils in your house?

  • In the washing machineTea Tree oil is an antiseptic that kills germs, add several drops to your load of whites to disinfect them.
  • In your toothpaste–we love Wintergreen essential oil for this. My husband, youngest daughter and I all use baking soda for brushing (my other daughters prefer “real” toothpaste), and adding a single drop (more will sting your tongue!) to the baking soda leaves your mouth tingling fresh, and it tastes sooo good!
  • In your footsoak or hot bath–Lavendar essential oil is great for a calm, soothing, refreshing soak after a long day. Combined with Epsom salts, you can almost feel the toxins leaving your body! Simply add 8-10 drops to a bathfull or basin of hot water…
  • On your kitchen sponge–a drop of Rosemary essential oil on your Dobie scrubber (my sponge of choice for dishwashing!) makes washing dishes a heavenly chore!
  • In the air–as air freshener. Just fill a small spray bottle with water, and add 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil and spritz the house. Again, my favorite oil for this is lemon!
  • On your wrist–all natural perfume! Try blending two scents. One of my friends loves to combine peppermint with lemon…

So there are just a few ideas to get you going…I’d love to hear how you use and enjoy essential oils in comments!

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Hi there-
I love your blog. I found it through a search for “canning – lemonade concentrate”. I will definately be coming back for more. I have just started to dabble in canning. I live in south florida and we have tropical farms everywhere. I am a true country gal living in the city – I love the simplicity and can’t wait for the holidays to give canning gifts. My hold back to to kill everyone with boutchulism, but so far my jars have all dented in – I am guessing I am doing it right 🙂

I am also commenting on your essential oil post. I use oils exclusively for cleaning, diffusing in my home, and most miner medical needs. I have seen a HUGE difference taking all of the “junk” out of my home the last 10 years or so. I went full force from the beginning. My hubs calls me a voodoo lady – but no trusts the results. Lemon is one of my favorites for everything…especially cleaning wood (a few drops added to a light olive oil), I love it for the clean taste in my drinking water, and I love adding it to pound cake, cake mixes, homemade frosting, etc… to cook with. Happy Summer – I will be checking back in!

Tropical farms everywhere–how wonderful! You mean like peaches, oranges and bananas, etc? Mmm. Do you have a canning buddy? I love to can with friends. When my children were little, my friend and I would alternate houses and can all night long while the kids slept. Those were good times. She was an old pro at canning and really helped me relax and enjoy the process. My oldest at age 13, is also great help and fun when the garden starts throwing tomatoes at us, soon hopefully! ;O)

So you found the strawberry and peach lemonade concentrate recipes? Huge treat at our house!

I can’t wait to try the lemon essential oil in my water! I’ve not used essential oils internally yet…just in cleaning. Love the idea for wood polish! I want to hear more tips on how to use EO for minor medical needs!! :OD

So glad you found the blog and hope to see you back!

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