June 15, 2024

More Camping Pics

South Dakota weather won us over…cold at night, chmarshmallows.jpgilly in the morning and evenings, and hot during the day. Lovely for camping to be able to snuggle down deep into your sleeping bag, and enjoy hot chocolate w/marshmallows first thing in the morning.

This is my youngest daughter and myself on our second morning, note all the gray hair I have at age 31. Strangely, dh loves it. Or so he says…I guess his opinion will save me a bundle in hair coloring and upkeep!

Anyway, that second morning after the hot chocolate, we had biscuits and gravy for breakfast. I’d browned some ground beef at home and frozen it for the journey, and took a packet of McCormick’s Old-Fashioned Homestyle Gravy mix…it was so good I may not ever make hamburger gravy from scratch again! (Except I know it’s much better for us!) At any rate, I highly recommend it for camping, it was one of our fbgbreakfast.jpgavorite breakfasts and very easy. I’d also made biscuits prior to the trip, and I wrapped a bunch of them in foil and placed them on the grill for a few minutes to heat. Yum!

Of course, the girls had to roast marshmallows with every campfire meal!wldflwrreading.jpg

And for a bonus, here’s a picture of my six year old inside our tent. My mom sent two wildflower books along, one with a flower-color directory focusing on varieties of the Black Hills. Fascinating. That’s what dd is reading. You can see she’s wearing her jacket. Like I said, chilly mornings there!

9 thoughts on “More Camping Pics

  1. Well, it showed up more in the pic before it was made into a “thumbnail” for the blog…strange. You can really see my gray hair best when the sides are pulled back. It’s mostly underneath. Won’t be long and it will be very obvious!

  2. I love seeing picture of the girls. They all ready look like they have grown a ton since we left. I’m sorry we missed the church picnic Sunday. I hope that you took some pictures of the baptism that you can e-mail me. I hope we will be able to make it to family camp. It is the weekend before baby is due. I have my Doc from E permission. She is excited about the possibility of delivering.

  3. It was wonderful, Jen! Thanks… 🙂

    Hey, Andrea, you didn’t miss the church picnic and baptism, it’s actually this coming Sunday, July 1, if you happen to be in the area…thanks for reminding me that I need to buy film.


    I hope you make family camp, we’ve been thinking we’d get to see you again then, but didn’t stop to think about how soon delivery would be. Hey, at least you’ll be near your dr of choice!

  4. Can’t see a lick of gray–looks like healthy, shiny hair to me! At least yours is underneath, mine is on my crown, and my hubby says to let it grow out. Glad to hear your hubby likes yours too:)

  5. Georgiana, I’m so glad you shared that about your hubby, here I was thinking mine was a bit strange–endearing, too of course! Course, mine has always liked the natural look best, so it makes sense.

  6. I am a firm believer that one does NOT have to be gray ….let me have bazillions of grandkids…but not gray hair…there are ways to get rid of it and I use them and always will…

  7. And yours looks great, Jan, I would have never guessed! I was just telling hubby last night that if I go completely gray in my thirties…he may change his mind about liking the natural look!

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