Our No-TV/Movie Update

As you know, on August 31, we unplugged the drug, the television drug, that is. We moved it out of the living room, and into the master bedroom. Out of […]

As you know, on August 31, we unplugged the drug, the television drug, that is. We moved it out of the living room, and into the master bedroom. Out of sight, out of mind, and all that jazz.

On Friday, September 7th, we rented a movie for the family, and a movie for dh and me.

Same deal on Friday, September 14th, except we checked them out at the library instead of the movie store. (Spare me the nasty-totally-toddler- innapropriate dvd covers lining the walls! Makes Netflixs look pretty appealing! Except then I think we’d be caught in the trap of: we’re paying for it, we should be making the most of it!)

By Friday, September 21, our girls had heard about the new CBS line-up of Saturday morning cartoons. They asked if they could skip Friday night movies in favor of checking out the new Strawberry Shortcake show. Sure, why not?

To be honest, my older two girls have mentioned missing the TV. I think, mostly because it kept toddler busy! But the exciting part to me, is that toddler doesn’t miss it at ALL! She didn’t even stay with the Strawberry Shortcake show, can you believe it? There is hope for TV addicted 3 year olds! (Perhaps it was more of a mama-addiction? Which is truly sad: Here, hon, we’re busy, sit and watch this video…)

Anyway…we’ve almost 4 weeks under our belt, and sticking with the plan feels very good!

Anybody else want to update?

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Mary – brava to you! I applaude your decision to unplug, and even more applause for your kticking to it.we do one movie on friday nights, too. and every now and then a show during the week. it’s all about the library and helping to cook, and playing with little sister. I use Blockbuster access.. it’s great b/c i get my movie and then we exchange it for one of theirs for Friday – but you are right, if you have it, you better use it. btw.. happy belated b to your hubby!

Thanks, Teresa, I’ll pass your wishes along to dh! We did a free trial of Blockbuster access and really enjoyed our month, but it was hard to not keep the dvds coming and going as quickly as possible. Dh and I are so behind on all the movies everyone tells us about, it’s pathetic! Don’t you love the library? All but keeping track of jillions of books, especially with my 9 yo being the bookworm she is. I’m just sharing this no TV/movie success b/c it encourages me and hopefully others, to know that it wasn’t a big deal, giving it up. Not like I anticipated it would be! 🙂

Always love it when you have time to comment! Have a great week, Friend!

Wow! Is this Teresa ‘our’ Teresa who was in your wedding, Mary? Wouldn’t it be great to see her again…and meet her family? If that is YOU, Teresa, Hi and God bless. Remember that trip in the back of our pickup when you girls rode all the way back to school….and we hydraplaned through a short stretch of ‘over the road’ water?

You are a champ! For almost two years I had a TV and hardly ever turned the thing on -if I did it would be to the college music station just for “noise”. We have a TV and watch it. I’m not sure this “techy” family would go for it, but I guess you just never know. Keep it up!

Congratulations for making a such major lifestyle change. My husband and I went cold turkey off the TV in 2004. It turned out to be one of best decisions we ever made–along with being one of the most difficult adjustments–it took a while to learn how to fill that viod. We would never go back now.

hey you! good to hear you’re off the tube for the most part.. when mom and dad wouldn’t let us watch it growing up, it drove me nuts, but now as an adult i’d much rather read an engrossing book than watch tv. (then again, netflix has proven difficult to resist.. after a long day at work, a movie hits the spot!). your site is wonderful, really. such a neat way to hear what’s going on for you all. will email soon!! 🙂

The best part of this ole blog is hearing from all you wonderful people! Thanks so much for keeping me smiling!!!

Yes, Mom, it’s my best friend from Jr high/high school and maid of honor, Teresa. 🙂 And anytime you want to take a road trip west to see her, I’m in!

Colleen, when I married my dh, he was a TV-holic. Well, at any rate, the tube was always on when I visited his home, even if his family wasn’t watching it. Drove me crazy, b/c I hadn’t been raised with ours on much. During our first year of marriage I joined him and became drunk on TV/movie access, but soon grew bored with it. It amazed me the day he came home years ago (the first time we gave up TV) and said he wanted to try the 30 day challenge…so even die-hards can be persuaded, but I think you have to have some great alternatives in the offing. And if you have sports addicts, then, I’m sorry. I have no hope for you. 🙂 LOL

Jocelyn–thanks for the honest and encouraging testimony! I’m so glad you stopped by and shared.

Leticia–the biggest sci-fi fan I know! I once dated a Star Trek fan, and really tried to get interested, even bought the books, etc. That was a match doomed from the start! But I have to say, I’ve watched enough John Wayne movies (thanks to marrying my cowboy) that a Star Trek one might even look good!

Tosca! Wow, my first niece to ever comment on the blog, you made my day…thank you dear for your sweet compliment, wish you didn’t live so far away, I’m wanting another late night chat-fest! (I’m still drinking Green Tea…) Yes…email soon, I’d love that!

Hello Mrs. B – it is indeed me! It would be fun to see all of you again.. I can’t believe that between us, Mary and I have 5 girls!! almost a basketball or debate team! I do remember that trip… and the wedding.. it was such an honor to be a bmaid for my friend..didn’t quite know what to do, but I have since learned! All of my love to you and Mr. B. and congratulations on a beautiful 50th.. I am looking forward to my husband and I reaching there!!

Thanks for the update, Mary. I’ve been meaning to ask you about it. I’m really impressed. You’re right – hubbies love TV, but honestly I know I’d miss it just as much as he would, unfortunately. And we do subscribe to Netflix, and it is great, and you do feel like you should get enought movies in a month to make it “cheaper” than renting normally. My hubbie and I have tossed around the idea of getting rid of the TV a few times, but never taken the plunge. I’ve always said I didn’t want my kids growing up watching TV, but that means we have to get rid of it before they start watching it…but its always a sports season. But, there’s always an excuse, and it’s encouraging to read your update – I want to be brave like you! 🙂

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