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Please Pass the Organic Chicken Meat!

This news in! Organically fed chickens develop different and superior genes than conventionally fed chickens. Why is this exciting to me? Well, our spring broilers arrived last Wednesday which means […]

chicks09This news in! Organically fed chickens develop different and superior genes than conventionally fed chickens.

Why is this exciting to me? Well, our spring broilers arrived last Wednesday which means my freezer will be 25 chickens richer in about 7 weeks, Lord willing. Makes this organic, grass-fed effort to raise quality meat for my family much more satisfying.

Get this: Two groups of chickens from two generations were fed exactly the same things, except one group was fed organic feed, and the other, conventional feed. When all was said and done, scientists evaluated RNA (Ribonucleic acid–similar to DNA but different) samples from both groups’ intestines to check out their differences in gene expression. They were unprepared for the amazing results! For more info, check out this article at Organic Chickens are Genetically Different from Conventional Chickens.

My immediate thought is this: what does this say about us? If the different cultivation methods of chicken feeds can cause such changes in a chicken’s gene pool, then what does eating conventionally raised veggies and fruits as opposed to eating organically grown veggies and fruits cause in my own personal gene make-up?

Another thing–this study was done in the Netherlands. The conventionally fed chickens were NOT being fed feed containing genetically modified organisms (GMO’s), ie: “Frankenstien foods”, as they are known in Europe. Farmer John, my organic CSA farm neighbor, tells me that currently, most all corn grown commercially in the USA contains GMO’s, so it would be interesting frightening (!) to see a study comparing GMO grain fed chickens with their organically fed counterparts.

A 2006 Consumer Reports study urges that chicken is among the top products to purchase organic. It does not contain the toxic hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides that conventionally raised poultry do. This report even suggests that low levels of artificial hormones can increase one’s risk of developing cancer. Traces of toxic heavy metals have even been uncovered in commercially grown chickens. For a list of more chemically laden foods to avoid, go here.

Not only that, when you raise your animals on pasture and feed them organic feeds, you reap a huge bang for your buck. Why? Omega-3 fatty acids are created in the leaves of green plants, where they are vital to photosynthesis. When my chickens graze fresh green grass every day, they are accumulating more of these essential fatty acids. When I eat my chicken, I’m eating its Omega-3’s–and that’s just one of many nutrient benefits.

So…how about that? We really are what we eat, or er…what our animals eat.

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Those statistically significant differences between conventional and organic feeds and their effects on RNA of poultry were seen within a relatively short period of time – about 8 weeks. Most chicken feed today is a mixture of mostly corn and soybeans, the top two GMO grains in America. About 95% of all soybeans and corn grown in the U.S. are genetically modified (GMO’s). The majority of processed foods for human consumption are largely corn and/or soybean based. There are very few processed foods or drinks that do not contain these as the primary and ingredients including food additives. Do the math: 2 2 = 4 How long have you been eating GMO’s? Since the U.S. does not label foods containing GMO’s, the consumer can’t make an informed choice about that, with only two exceptions – raising your own, or buying organic. By definition, organic cannot be genetically modified. You are what you eat, indeed!

It’s time to get that garden planted . . .

When I think about this study only taking 8 weeks before the changes were evident!! Hey John…exactly how long have GMO’s been legal in the US? So yes…our genes are probably…a mess!

GMO Timeline:

1980 1st patent awarded to a GMO plant (oil eating microbe)

1987 Monsanto begins field testing GMO crops

1994 USDA approved first GM food – Flavr Savr Tomato

1996 1st commercial cultivation of GM crops

2006 USDA & Monsanto company jointly own “terminator gene” technology

Wow. I’m going to have to look up the “terminator gene”…sounds nasty! So we’ve been eating GMOs in the supermarket since ’94.

Thanks for this timeline, John!

Here are some links on the “terminator” gene technology:

We are talking about the power to control food availability on a global scale and thus people. Terminator technology really will soon have a double meaning – world hunger and starvation with the means/tools to drastically decrease (terminate) world populations at will – the often stated goal of the elitists. When it comes to pass, it will fulfill part of biblical prophecy related to end times events.

Monsanto’s claim of “feeding the world” via biotechnology is 180 degrees from the truth – starvation will be the eventual end result.

GRRR…that is frightening, maddening and downright evil! I can’t imagine it being legal for a sterile seed patent that will cross-pollinate with MY crops, or any other sane gardener-farmer who won’t kow-tow to buying Monsanto’s GMO seeds–thus making our wholesome God-created seeds sterile for the next growing season. I know it’s already happening to farmers who have had their family heirloom seed crops ruined by cross pollination from Monsanto’s junk across the road. Only in their case, they were sued by Monsanto for having crops with their “patented” GMO technology…sued to the point of ruin–because who can stand financially against the big giant? And not only sued, but having to destroy bins FULL of hundred year old saved seeds developed by their family for eons, just to satisfy Monsanto.

Can definitely see how this sterile “terminator gene” would quickly be the end of the world’s food supply. Unless you’re Monsanto or their wealthy supporters.

That’s why those wealthy investors and friends of Monsanto are in control of the world’s seed vault in Norway, where thousands of varieties of heirloom non-GMO seeds are safely stored away for the future -so the elitists have a backup failsafe to survive if their grand experiment goes haywire and they wipe out the world’s current plant genetics (and human populations dependent upon those food crops) by accident . . . or by malicious intent.

See inside the “Doomsday Seed Vault” here:

NO way! I was hanging onto my hopes of that Norway seed vault–thinking naively that it was put in place by Europeans with sense to see where Monsanto was heading! Never crossed my mind that Monsanto and cohorts were behind it! Duh.

Well, we have heaven in our picture.

Monsanto is not content to sit on its laurels, no way. They are working hard to take over garden seeds, while experimenting with GM trees, and GM livestock. FDA approved cloned beef is now on the market with almost no meaningful safety testing, and without labeling so consumers can’t know the difference.

Next up will be cloned and genetically modified humans, human genes, and medicines as Monsanto’s scientists try to play God. This is what the George Orwell book “Animal Farm” was forecasting. He wasn’t far off in his portrayal. And while the book is described as an allegory, it may turn out to be more literal than most would dare think.

If you think that’s far fetched, consider the possibility of a biotech company saying you are infringing on their patent by conceiving children. Read this morning’s news about one small backset for the biotech corporations who have already been awarded patents for human genes:

I did go and read that link, John! Unbelievable! Yet I believe…it’s coming. Strange times. So hard to know it’s happening, it’s snowballing, and so many people are A) unaware or apathetic or B) rooting for Monsanto, blithely thinking that GMOs are a *good* thing. It’s too bad that many bad things sneak in looking rather good in the first place, and once everyone begins to see the dangers, it’s too deeply relied on for profits to be given up. :O(

There are folks who are “waking up” and starting to realize the “tip of the iceberg” here. Home gardens, community gardens, and more interest in homestead living skills are springing up across the country among what was an apathetic generation. We are hearing from more and more folks who see the “handwriting on the wall” and are trying to learn more about raising their own food or are buying organic and local.

Eye-opening food documentaries, like Food, Inc., The Future Of Food, The GMO Trilogy, Fed Up, Supersize Me, Fresh, King Corn, Homegrown, and others are turning heads and producing changes in food buying and eating habits. We’re hearing from lots of people who’ve seen one or more of these films and are looking for alternative food sources to feed their families.

Educating an apathetic public seems to slowly gain converts, but it will ramp up considerably in a looming food crisis. But by then, it may be too late for many.

Okay…are you holding out on me? What’s this DVD called Fed Up, and the GMO Trilogy? I need to see these! I’ve seen the rest, as you well know! Btw, we watched the one about the New Madrid fault line…yowsers! And you let us travel to St. Louis this past summer AND go up in the arch!

Is Homegrown the one about the family in L.A. that raises humongous amounts of food in their front and back yards to sell to restaurants? I’m not remembering it, if not.

There is always more information on pertinent subjects available. I’ve been accused of giving folks “information overload” many times. So, I’ve learned to feed them nibbles and bytes of information, and wait for them to ask for second helpings, to avoid the mental indigestion of too much food for thought in one sitting. But since you’re hungry again, I’ll let you have some wholesome snack DVD’s on your next visit to the farm.

You are correct on the Homegrown DVD.

Glad you enjoyed the DVD on Earthquakes in the Heartland. There are more “big ones” (earthquakes) on the way, so stay tuned. Someone e-mailed me, “What’s next?” after my probability forecast on major earthquakes by early April. I said, “more of the same, bigger, and volcanoes.” And that’s what the news headlines have reflected the past two weeks. We live in exciting times!

I’ve never accused you of information overload! ;O) I passed Fresh along to a friend…and still need to get Sweet Misery back from another…but my family is hungry for more info! What you got for us!?

I don’t know about “exciting” times. Scary times!

Quite insightful publish. Never thought that it was this simple after all. I had spent a beneficial deal of my time looking for someone to explain this topic clearly and you’re the only one that ever did that. Kudos to you! Keep it up

Please, just comment on the research people! I love how you use a study that had no results regarding the use of GMO’s to rant about GMO’s. I agree with you, I would like to see our food industry here in the USA move away from GMO foods. So, I guess my rant with your rant is just use research that substantiates your position. The entire paragraph about GMO’s should be removed from this article because it sites no substantiating work and is nothing at this point but opinion/editorial.

I feel better … thank you and good day.


Ah well, Neil, that’s why people blog, to give their opinions and editorials. :O) If you read the whole article, you’d surely see the thoughts expressed run very cohesively, with the articles mentioned being the kick start for me sharing my opinions and thoughts on why eating organic pastured poultry is the best way to go for *my* family. I’m glad you feel better though! A nice day to you too!


Many groups are puhnsig for legislation at both the state and federal levels, and California has a GMO food labeling initiative on the November ballot. New regulations would likely include testing seeds and crops

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