June 15, 2024

Things that make me happy!

I am having an uncomplicated day at home for the first time in several weeks. Big deep purr of contentment here. We’ve had back-to-back farmer’s markets in our community, to maximize on various tourism events, and we’re all just feeling plumb worn out. In between all of that, we’ve been processing chickens, keeping up with our big garden, and helping my hubby get ready for hay harvest. Oh, yeah, and milking two cows twice a day really uses up about 3 hours a day when you add in bottle feeding 3 calves, washing and sanitizing all the milking equipment, buckets, bottles, dairy floor…quite the job!

So today I was fixing myself a cup of tea for the first “me time” I’ve had in, well, I can’t remember when, unless you count the time last week when one of my good friends stopped by and helped me peel apples for pies for the market. Now that was pure loveliness, and I’d just been spoiled the day before when another friend came over to share stove duties and helped make pumpkin spice mini loaves. God is so good to me. When is the last time you thanked him for giving you a strong back, the ability to *see* this gorgeous world and participate in LIFE with a healthy body and a family that loves you?

Things that make me happy!

  • White Honeysuckle Tea by Shang, with added goji berries and sweetened with honey–Mmm! (Sipping as I type this…)
  • Seeing a full jar of said honey, and knowing it’s the real deal, honest-to-goodness unadulterated raw, organic honey…and daydreaming about our beekeeping venture panning out…hopefully soon!
  • Time, sweet time, to take deep breaths and snuggle with pup Liz while I watch my girls play with her 5 week old littermates
  • Listening to my girls giggle as they jump on the trampoline with the water hose blasting their every move…
  • My long row of colorful rainbow swiss chard out in the garden–so purty, its oranges, hot pinks, yellows, pale greens and pinks!
  • Garden tomatoes and cukes in my CSA share this week! WOW!
  • Hymns played by my 11 year old on her harmonica–she takes it wherever we go, we rarely listen to the radio in the vehicle anymore…
  • Fresh cream on fresh blackberries with a teensy bit of sugar!
  • Murmuring lovingly to my Jersey cow, ’cause she’s so good to us and gives such amazing milk!
  • Farmer’s Markets–such a fantastic sense of community…
  • Great Bible teaching–which we’re so blessed to get three times a week, praise God!

Wow, I think I could go on indefinitely, but my tea is getting cold and I’m overdue for some time in the Bible today…

What are some of your favorite things? I’d love to hear about them!


3 thoughts on “Things that make me happy!

  1. Well, honey, my most favorite thing is having God speak to me from His Word. Another is to see the friendship my adult children have for each other. And ‘I have no greater joy than to see my children walking in truth’! Lauraine Snelling’s inspirational fiction…at the moment high on my list… Veggies! I didn’t know I could love them so much. Granddaughters who have prepared their hearts to seek the Lord. My maple trees that my Dad gave me when I visited him in Wyoming probably 25 or 30 years ago. Air conditioning! Yes. The kaleidoscope of my children’s family activities…all so different and the respect God has given them for the very fact that they are different. For God’s teaching that it is not wise to compare ourselves among ourselves!
    And for humility in action and for fellowship and for the constant awareness of God’s presence and activity in my life! ‘These are a few of my favorite things!’

  2. Ah, all wonderful favorite things, Mom! I love those things too. I didn’t know the maple trees came from Grandpa! Neat. I’m grateful that God drew you to him at such a young age and you never let go! What a profound impact your faith has had on me and mine! Love you so!

  3. Right now my favorite things are:
    playing with my daughter
    accomplishing even a very small task
    i too am in love with central air
    my hubby’s “I missed you” kisses
    and pondering Revelations

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