Metaphorically Speaking

In writing we’re warned against using  cliches. On top of that, if we use metaphors or similes, they need to reflect the point of view (pov) of our main character. Here are some examples of overused cliches guaranteed to stamp “amateur” all over your masterpiece!

  • tall, dark and handsome
  • leopards don’t change their spots (been guilty of using this one!)
  • sleeping like the dead
  • bright-eyed and bushy-tailed

I signed up for a Course on Critiquing through American Christian Fiction Writers and was given an assignment which involved rewriting certain cliches…how do you think I did?

The fog came in on little cat feet.
The fog wisped around rooftops, winding in and out like a slinking cat.

Like a thief, the moon hid behind a cloud.
The cloud-obscured moon lent a dark oppression to the night.

The bed was as soft as a cloud.
The bed’s pillow-like softness embraced her to sleep.

A junkyard dog
Her boyfriends so far had all been territorial–pit bull types chaining her to them, treating her like trash.

Want to take a stab at one of them? It’s fun!

4 thoughts on “Metaphorically Speaking”

  1. Rebecca, I’m sure it’s either they don’t notice or care, or like you said, nervous reaction. I know I let myself break many rules in blogging and speaking that I don’t allow in my “fiction” writing. Double standard, I know!

    Leticia, writing is something I can’t help. I’ve been scribbling out “books” since I was 7 years old, or spinning them in my head. I never took it up seriously until a year ago…and wow, am I learning something new every day! It’s a fun process if you have the want-to, just like anything. I’m sure glad you like writing enough to blog! I’ve really been anticipating your Friday series on Islam. :O)

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