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Snow on Lilacs

Bittersweet, this snowfall, knowing that the spring-greening around us is endangered, but oh so pretty. I’ve never seen grass and purple lilacs dusted with snow…it felt like a gift. I […]

Bittersweet, this snowfall, knowing that the spring-greening around us is endangered, but oh so pretty. I’ve never seen grass and purple lilacs dusted wiBlossom in Lilacth snow…it felt like a gift. I was baking cherry pies and honey-oat bread the day it came down. And hey, if I can’t have the windows open when I’m baking, flurrying snowflakes are the next best–if only for the cozy-factor!

We’ve been busy this week…washing woodwork, window panes and curtains. My bathroom window is the bane of my housekeeping existence…it’s old, and I’ve sanded and repainted the silly thing three times since our move here nine years ago. Still the paint peels, mildews, etc. So every spring and fall, I attack the thing. That was Monday…when the weather was nice enough to have the windows open while I worked! (Good thing with all the chlorox fumes!)

Are you ready for a special Easter? We are. White shoes and dresses all lined up… (new shoes/socks, old dresses) 🙂 Hearts excited for tomorrow’s worship, and an afternoon/evening to spend together.

Have you ever heard the Ray Boltz song, “Watch the Lamb”? It’s a favorite at our house, and the lyrics make for a special discussion of just what Jesus did for us so long ago…go read them, and if you have children, print it off and discuss how it must have been for the little boys in the song…seeing a bleeding and thorn-crowned Saviour stumbling under the weight of the cross.

I’m so thankful for the enormity of all He endured for me.

Happy Easter, my friends…

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Oh what a breath of fresh and holy air every time I come here!
You see, I participate in a mailing list with some women from Poland, and there is much talk over there about all the various preparations for Easter, but nothing about God or Jesus. They talk much about cakes, cleaning, even decorating for the holiday, but it hurts my heart when there is no mentioning of THE REASON. I even asked one of them, what she believes in, and trhe response was:’ What I was taught at the religion classes”. And then they became discussing to what extent it is ok to have Easter Bunny and Easter Whatever as the proper part of the day, and concluded by giving a link to a catholic site that brought it up as quite appropriate… All the “life” symbolism of the pagan cults was embraced in this text.
Finally, when one of them said she was off to watch “The Passion”, another one said that she does not want to watch it because it makes her uneasy…
I bet it does.
Sorry for pouring out my grief here.

Thank you, Mary, for this post.


Ann, you bring tears to my eyes…thank you so much for sharing from the heart. I feel such a sister bond with you! Love ya, Sweden-friend! ((hugs))

Hi Mary,
I thought I’d select this post to leave a comment thanking you for the kind link in your sidebar. I appreciate it. Keep an eye on A Layman’s THoughts for more content coming soon.

He is risen!

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