Preparing for Power Outages

With the Oklahoma/Missouri ice storm heading North, I’d say the rest of us in the mid-western USA should probably be thinking about the potential for electrical outages. When I think of the last damage we had from ice storms, I shiver! We have half the insurance coverage that we had then…so here’s hoping our barns don’t fall in!

I’m not really as prepared as I’d like. Ideally, a trip to the grocery store would have helped things…stocking up on some non-perishable foods, etc, but I’m counting on my cast-iron dutch oven and my fireplace if worse turns into worst! I’ve already made a double batch of chili and cornbread, and plan on baking breads (muffins/whole wheat bread) tomorrow morning.

Our back porch has a sizable stack of firewood and kindling, I’m caught up on laundry, and have water put aside (several gallons for drinking and washing), flashlights and candles at the ready…what am I forgetting?

Anyway, in the midst of all this, I thought I’d blog while I could, and ask you guys to pray for all those without power right now. Several of my friends and family live in Oklahoma where the damage was severe…they’re saying it may be ten days before the power is restored across the grid.

Hopefully I’ll still be around, keeping an eye on things in blogland, but if things stagnate here a bit, think of me in my snug little igloo and say a prayer!

Thanks, friends!

11 thoughts on “Preparing for Power Outages”

  1. Like your Mom, ML, this brings to mind “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Of course reading about it and going through it is a horse of another color.

    You have my prayers as always. Love you all,

  2. Thank you for all your prayers! We haven’t had a power outage yet, but we do have an inch + of ice on everything. Hubby had to go to work in it, so I’d appreciate your prayers on his traveling safety!

    We did get our baking done, though I kept thinking the power would go off in the middle of the bread rising, etc. It feels so warm in here and we all feel immensely blessed to have a sanctuary in the middle of all this ice! Several of my local family and friends have been w/o power since 1:30 AM, we’re with a different utility company, and so far, we’ve only had a few flickers!

    Aunt Ruth, I got out the Long Winter book and offered to read it to the girls…but I guess we’ve read it too many times already…they want me to finish Caddie Woodlawn first! 😉 But you’re right, reading about the hardships the Ingall’s faced…waking up to snow on their blankets, twisting hay around the clock to burn…really puts modern “inconveniences” into perspective!

  3. wow I thought our winters were damp and cold. I couldn’t imagine being in an area where it got that much snow. It sounds fun but I’m sure once the power goes off it becomes inconvenient. I personally would stock up as much as I could before the bad weather comes along. We have a large plastic container we put non perishable items in and once a month when we go food shopping we replenish it.

  4. That’s a good idea, Amy. Reminds me of when we all prepared for Y2K…and it was probably because of Y2K that I keep a little stash in one of my upper cupboards. Still, I would have liked to made a grocery trip before this happened! However, we haven’t had any problems so far, though there are those right around us being told it could be 4 days before their power is restored. And they don’t have running water in the meantime…one of them is my sister, so please pray for their family!

  5. We to were worried about loosing power but it warmed up enough that we just got rain and never lost power. Everything in our apartment is electric. So the thought of going to a shelter with our two babies was not very appealing. DH has a friend from the university who has a fireplace, but college kids with a day off in the middle isn’t that appealing either.

  6. So glad you didn’t lose power! That would have been quite the experience, sheltering in either place with two little ones…I’m so grateful that ours has held out so far! Unfortunately, family and friends of ours are w/o and probably will be till Dec 22 or later!!! 🙁

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