It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Sorry, Snoopy, had to steal your great line there. Ran into problems tonight on my way home from our Monday night VBS workshop…thunderstorms and driving rain, that is. Not normally […]

Sorry, Snoopy, had to steal your great line there.

Ran into problems tonight on my way home from our Monday night VBS workshop…thunderstorms and driving rain, that is. Not normally a problem if you have two working windshield wipers, but alas, hubby stole one of my windshield wipers in a pinch to use on his work truck and I didn’t realize rain was in the forecast when I chose our more-economical-on-gas-mileage vehicle, the Saturn. Couldn’t even make use of the one good wiper, as the other one’s metal base would have gouged the windshield!

Talk about a crazy drive home. What normally takes us 30 minutes took 55, easily. Picture me, nose to the steering wheel, trying to keep between the lines…trying to SEE the lines, especially when other traffic approached from either direction causing the wet pavement/road signs to glare everywhere. I kept thinking that I was so focused on the yellow and white lines that a deer could cross the road, or the road could be flooded, and I wouldn’t realize it till it was too late. Thank God we made it home.

You know me though, there’s a moral to this tale.

In the storms of life, keep your eyes on Jesus. My yellow and white lines kept me on the road tonight and gave me a shot at making it to the end in one piece. We had our moments of terror, panic, tears, anxiety, hilarity, of doubting that God heard our pleas for the rain to stop, or the oncoming traffic to be light, but I just gritted my teeth and didn’t let my eyes waver from that yellow center line down the highway. My worst moment came when a vehicle had been following me, unable to pass because of the curvy, hilly highway…his lights in my rear made the visibility even worse, and then ahead I saw another vehicle approaching. Boy, we thought we were goners for sure! And then my daughter said, “Mom! It stopped raining!”

And I could see clearly again. So hang in there through the ups and downs. God’s there, He’ll keep you between the lines…if you follow Him!

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Okay, knowing the chicken I am, I would have pulled over and waited out the rain, so kudos to you brave woman! I couldn’t have done it.

I must agree with the other ladies, great analogy.

Leticia’s last blog post..Stardate 005.005

Well I am so thankful you made it home safe and sound. I love what you wrote, I have been dealing with some kind of hard issues, and I know God is helping me get through them. This post really touched me. Hugs to you. Juli

Thanks, everyone. Sometimes it all seems very clear. Another thing I thought about, was how easily we could have wrecked had I taken my eyes off the yellow line. I was guarding against all distractions, my children were being very quiet at my command, I was straining to keep focused and alert to any sudden changes, such as wildlife, etc, but mostly leaving those dangers in God’s hands because the only visibility I could spare was for that center line. How many times in real life do we get sidetracked by distractions? Ah well. It was a great reminder for me.

MIn, you’ll be glad to hear that we’re doing the Answers In Genesis VBS this year, Amazon Expedition. It’s looking really neat. We get together each Monday night to work on props, craft preps, posters, planning, etc. Our actual VBS is in June. Will you be helping your parents again this year?

Leticia, that thought crossed my mind more than twice, but I figured as soon as I did, it would rain all night. And me with no cell phone to tell dh where I was. So we plodded along!

Juli, I’m praying for you, and glad this post helped in any way. ((hugs)) to you!

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