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From Frustration to Joy

My daughter learned the rewards of perseverance today…and I did too. She had a book report to write, and even though it referenced a book she loved, she just really […]

School DaysMy daughter learned the rewards of perseverance today…and I did too.

She had a book report to write, and even though it referenced a book she loved, she just really balked at getting it done. Messy handwriting, complaining about every step in the process. It didn’t help that today’s sunshine spilled onto the kitchen table whispering of all she missed while cooped up in the house. In fact, to make matters worse, her sisters were out enjoying the latent spring weather without her.

I almost caved, but decided she needed to apply herself and finish a job started. After all, if I give in to every complaint I’m just asking for trouble, right? And now I’m so glad I didn’t.

Here’s what she wrote, and my praise/disbelief that she’d written it had her beaming on her way out the door. Don’t you think she’s got a bright future in the writing biz?

What I Liked About Champ

by 9 year old aspiring writer

Champ by Marcia Thornton Jones was so interesting that I could not put it down, but I’ll warn you there are some bad words in it.

It is about a boy named Riley and a dog named Champ. Champ lost his front right leg in an accident. The accident was caused by Riley. Riley feels really bad and cannot forget, so he goes to the vets to see how the dog feels. But when he gets there, the owner of Champ is about to put him down! Riley says he will take Champ! What about medical bills? What will his mom and dad say? Will the dog get along with him? You will have to read the book to find out. The moral of this story is never give up! You will really want to read this good story about a boy and his best friend Champ.

The reason I share this, is not only to brag–hey, I know your children are perhaps even more brilliant–but it’s to encourage you to persevere through the challenges we face whether it be in homeschooling or parenting.

Before my daughter headed outside we shared many smiles and hugs, laughing about how the experience had started and ended. I mean, we’d gone from spitting at each other (basically), both frustrated at each other…to laughing and hugging each other in excitement over her achievement and her future.

One of the many hidden joys of homeschooling…

~fyi: the bad words she referred to were just slang words for anatomy that we don’t use in this house! They really bothered her! Anyway, the line was too funny to edit out…

7 replies on “From Frustration to Joy”

I wanted to add that because of the above, my daughter and I touched on the fact that it’s important to know in relationships that you can be in a “snit” with someone and love them anyway.

One of the things I appreciate so much about my dh, and I told dd this, is that he and I love each other no matter what. Some faults have to be overlooked. Praying about it is better than preaching about it. Nothing is worth stewing over, and that love definitely covers a multitude of sins!

A valuable lesson! I think we don’t like things to be “tense” in our relationships, ever, so sometimes we shy away from the very important lessons to be learned. By that I mean – we grow through the “conflict.” Children learn to persevere, learn that Mom loves them (and they love Mom) even when they aren’t happy with one another) learn how to resolve conflict.

I’m still learning this. Thanks so much, Mary!

Holly, you made the point so well: “We grow through conflict”…so in knowing this, it makes the verse: “Rejoice in everything” take on a whole new meaning. We may dislike the test, it’s outside our comfort level, sometimes downright heartbreaking…but God can use those pressures to mold us into the vessels that just pour out His grace and love to the ones around us.

Deborah, I’ll pass that along to her and her agent will be calling…


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