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Things I’ve Learned Thanks to Chicken Pox

Is your nose walking? According to Morrise the Moose, it’s walking, not running, if you only have a little head cold vs a big one!  That Morris the Moose was […]

Is your nose walking? According to Morrise the Moose, it’s walking, not running, if you only have a little head cold vs a big one! 

That Morris the Moose was a childhood favorite of mine…I’d forgotten, till some old books loaned by a friend brought it all back.

That cream cheese and jelly sandwiches (peach jam, to be exact) are delicious! (Recipe triggered by Morris the Moose Goes to School)

That Chicken Pox is a derrivative of Strep. Interesting. And that many cancers are thought to be caused by infections that never got caught and were left to fester into problems. Strep and Staph infections being two of the biggest contributors. Does anyone here use Congoplex? (A Standard Process supplement that’s great for Strep infections)

That your child’s case of au natural chicken pox should be documented by your doctor or nurse. Yes. Otherwise, if for some reason you ever have to enroll them in school, they’ll have to have the vaccine whether they need it or not.

That I have some of the best friends in the world. (Well, I already knew that!) Remember the one who didn’t mind me exposing her toddler to chicken pox? Well, that little one now has the pox. And my friend is grateful. Hehe. We non-vaccinators are weird that way. Rather expose them to it while they’re young and get it over with. Unless we’re talking Diptheria or Hepatitus. Ugh.

And my other friend, who is slightly more afraid of exposure, nontheless gave me a backpack full of fun kid books to alleviate the boredom. (Thus the Morris books).

Oh yeah, I’m now on kid #2 with the chicken pox. And she’s got it worse than my toddler did. Could be because she’s six years old. Miserable stuff.

Anyone have any childhood memories of chicken pox? Feel free to share them!

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Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches? That sounds almost as strange as peanut butter and jelly sammies. lol Seriously, we just don’t have those combinations here but anyway getting onto chicken pox, yep we’ve all had it, all I remember is my mother using loads and loads of calamine lotion on us to stop us itching 🙂

First of all, “Yeck!” on the cream cheese and jelly sandwiches,lol! I don’t think my tummy could handle that.

I am rather glad my boys never got the chicken pox, I remember how miserable I was. But, glad that you glad. One less thing to worry about, right?

My mother had us 6 children in 8 years. I am #2 in the lineup. The year I started school, my sister and I, from Christmas to Easter, brought home measles, mumps, chicken pox and whooping cough.We picked up the exposure at school, brought it home and in due course, it went through the family. That was the year our school bus turned over in a canal and we were all in it with 8″ of headroom above the water! Those were the days! And Romans 8:28 and 2 Cor. 4:15 are just as true now as they were then!

Uh-oh, I’m a vaccinator. No one ever explained otherwise, though I would like to learn because more people are getting away from it. Anyhoo, when my oldest daughter got the chicken pox vaccine at age 10, she ended up getting the pox the very next week. Nasty stuff the older you get. I worked with a girl once who didn’t get the chicken pox until she was 19 or 20, and she ended up getting bells palsy (how sp?) after that. I’m such a germ freak that it all makes me icky. Thankfully, I don’t remember my own experience with it, just a tot, you know:)

The truth about the cream cheese and peach jelly sandwiches is that 3 of us girls loved them, the chicken poxed girl had to go wash her mouth out she thought it was so nasty! *true confessions!* :O)

My first two children are all vaccinated up…had them both in a hospital, and it was just par for the course. With my last baby, born at a birth center with midwife, I was given the option of not vaccinating. I’d read up a bit on it, and THREE friends of the family had perfectly normal children vaccinated at age 2 for the MMR, and ALL of those children subsequently reverted. One can no longer speak coherently (he was talking, singing his ABCs, etc before the shot), one is severely autistic (again she was completely normal before her vaccination)and the other is mentally disabled (since the shot). These families are incensed and sure it was the MMR shot that caused it. Too scary for me. So we decided not to vaccinate our 3rd child. So far. Thankfully, since we homeschool, we’ve not caught any flack from school or health officials.

Deb, what a line up for your poor mama! I just can’t imagine. That’s a story to pass on to each generation! ;O)

Thank you all for stopping by, reading and commenting! Blogging wouldn’t be any fun without you!

I was around 6 when I had the chicken pox and I do still remember the misery! We were actually on vacation and I was itchy and whiny throughout the entire trip.

Chicken Pox was taking over my school when I came down with it too. I didn’t have a bad case of though. My brother on the other hand, who got it from me, was miserable. He had pox ontop of pox. He had them in his ears, nose, and he too some on his eyes-which didn’t make him go blind. Theres a picture of him laying in a bath of that oatmeal stuff and he was so pitiful.

Do I remember Chicken Pox? Like it was yesterday! I was 5 and had to stay home from Kindergarten for a week. My Mom telling me not to pick the scabs or I would get scars (what ever those were!) and it hurt to go to the bathroom!

Regardless, where it’s typically a non-fatal illness, I don’t understand why governments are not allowing it to run its course. I’m certain my children wouldn’t mind missing a week of school.

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