Are You Worried About What the Future Holds?

We in the USA are all wondering “what next?” Financial experts are riding the pendulum, some reassuring us that things will quiet down soon on Wall Street, others predicting huge […]

We in the USA are all wondering “what next?” Financial experts are riding the pendulum, some reassuring us that things will quiet down soon on Wall Street, others predicting huge inflations and urging us to stock up on rice, beans and wheat while we can still afford them…

Optimistically, I could see this crisis as being good for Americans. We’re grossly overspending, both individually and nationally. No one seems to be able to live within their means, admittedly, even my family. I say this because anyone with any debt other than a mortgage is probably not living within their means. Medical bills don’t count, as none of us would choose to go into debt over our health, but many of us are due to the rising costs of both health care and insurance coverage.

When I hear forecasts of doom and gloom, I do tend to wonder. What could be the worst thing to happen to us? Sure a whole lot of hardships could stack up, such as having to sell or give away our horses and Border Collies (if you can’t feed your family, how will you feed the pets?) but in my heart of hearts, the scariest financial bust to me would be losing our home.

Some things you just take for granted. That you’ll be able to always find work. And have gas available to get you to and from places. That eventually you’ll make that final payment, and that America will always be the land of the free, the land of opportunity.

But you know what? God says not to worry about tomorrow, because each day has enough trouble on its own. And worrying about it won’t change anything. In fact, worrying is a sin, it doesn’t glorify God…in fact, it questions His ability to see us through the hard times. Yes, He could allow all of us here in America some real hardships, but “all discipline is for our good”, right?

I’m not getting panicked, and I hope you aren’t either. Meanwhile, I am thinking twice about any extra purchases. I’m thinking we’ll pare down a bit this Christmas and plant a huge garden next spring…I’ve got an extra cupboard that I wouldn’t mind filling with staples, etc.

How do you find inner peace when faced with uncertainty? The same way you do when tragedy strikes out of nowhere. Take refuge in God.

Psalm 46 is an awesome passage that begins with, “God is our refuge and strength. A very present help in trouble.”

I recommend that you read the whole chapter, which you can simply do by clicking on the highlighted link above. But I’m going to skip ahead and go to verses 10-11,

“Cease striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. The LORD of hosts is with us, the God of Jacob is our stronghold.”

The King James Version says, “Be still and know that I am God” rather than “Cease striving.” Can’t you hear God looking down at us like a mother to a fussing little one and saying, “Be still. Cease striving. Relax. Don’t you know I am with you?”

No matter what happens, keep this in mind: God is our refuge, a very present help in trouble. But you’ve got to leave all the turmoil in His hands and relax. Not our first instinct, is it?

I find this passage so reassuring! What more can we ask for than the kind of refuge God offers?

There’s a gospel song called Ahead, sung by Charles Johnson and the Revivers, and a line in it sticks with me…

“I’m not worried about what the future holds, because I know who’s leading, His name is Jesus, and He’s holding my hand…”

May something very good come out of this crisis, amen?

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I decided the other day that the solution to the financial crisis. Was to stop watching the news and start listening to Dave Ramsey.

My husband and I hardly ever watch the local or national news. After spending the weekend with my parents were the 10 o’ clock news is a nightly ritual. I was reminded of why I stopped watching. It is to much doom and gloom.

i think about the parable that Jesus told of the rich man who, having had a grand harvest and surplus of goods, tore down old storage places and built new barns to accommodate his newly acquired harvest, and decided to take his ease. But the LORD says, “tonight your life will be required of you….that is, your time has expired” and now whose will all that be?”
That I believe is exhortation by Jesus to instead of stow away our suplus that we should invest in the Kingdom of God. We should reach out to the poor and needy which the Lord has always exhorted us to do in His Word. If we invest in KINGDOM work there will be a reward of great proportions, for sure. And when the”silver cord” is broken we will have built an unperishable empire for the Lord Jesus. Let us invest in GOOD SOIL.

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Andrea, I know what you mean. I think I’d be tempted to watch the news if we had Fox News or something less biased.

Amy, no problem here! ;O) I’m just glad I can comment at your site again!

MG, excellent point! I have thought that if we “stocked up” at least we’d have some for us and some to share…but I definitely see the point in not “storing up” when we could/should be helping others. Probably even in our darkest moments America won’t see it get as bad as it already is in parts of the world currently. It’s SO fascinating to me that my ten year old daughter just yesterday read that parable and came and told me about it, totally impressed. I’m glad you referred to it again, I needed to give it more thought.

Thanks for continuing to share your insight as to how we should react to this crisis.

It’s a fascinating time in which to live. Makes one think we are living in end times…yet, I’m not panicked yet either. I’m just curious as to how it’s all going to pan out!!

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